Management Gaming

The Virtual Reality models that Flostock has created are very suitable for gaming. As a start, System Dynamics, the software in which our models are built, has a standard gaming functionality. For more sophisticated applications and purposes we can expand the models with a dedicated and professional gaming set-up with one of our partners, who have long experience in organizing games. 

Benefits of Gaming

Gaming is useful for a lot of things. Examples are for training, for gaining insights, for preparing for crises and for understanding the dynamics of a business environment. The Flostock models are designed to mimic your realistic business environment, so you can test in an office environment what the responses of the market would be to any management decision that you take during the game. 

How does it work?

The Flostock model is a causal model that captures the most important drivers that influence your business. The response of the industry to a change in the input of the environment is split into the individual components (fight, build, withdraw, etc), which primary behavioral components are rather constant over time. So when the complex of circumstances is changing, the primary responses are the same. The Flostock models are flexible and can easily be adapted with the latest insights and scenarios that need to be tested. New events ("Black Swans") can be included once they have started. Theoretical Black Swans can be included in scenarios.   


Recommended partners to develop a professional gaming set-up that can work with the supply chain models of Flostock include Involvation and InContext. Click here for a short overview.