The following companies are partners of Flostock and can offer a project in parallel with a Flostock project. For more info on the right contact persons in these partners and about a possible joint offer, contact Flostock or contact these companies direct.


Involvation is a consultancy and implementation firm that is focused on improving the supply chain and its management. In doing so, we are driven by possibilities. Our case studies show how we have helped organisations, both large and small, to take the decisive step: the step from the challenge to the result, inspired by the surprising possibilities we identified. Because that is what characterises us: we firmly believe that your supply chain offers potential for improvement. Especially if you are willing to join us in pinpointing the essence of the situation – without becoming distracted by details, symptoms and day-to-day operations.

Involvation is also Resource Partner of Flostock.

EyeOn is a specialized consultancy firm that improves the bottom-line results of customers by improving their forecasting and planning capabilities. They design and implement in maximum 100 days (tailor-made) solutions that really work, offer interim forecasting and planning staff and run outsourced planning services. To remain innovative EyeOn is continuously involved in various research projects in close cooperation with Tilburg University, Erasmus University Rotterdam and Eindhoven University.

EyeOn is also Resource partner of Flostock.

InContext is an extraordinary consulting firm that helps organizations to use human resources to their fullest and cherish the human element within the organization.  For them, inspiration, creativity and partnership go hand in hand with analysis, drive and results. Culture change, change management, merger guidance and strategic learning and development programs are a few key words from projects they have worked on.  With ambition, creativity, drive and courage, they really do make a difference and offer innovative, lasting solutions for their clients, who describe their approach as unorthodox, passionate, conscientious, surprising and constantly focused on achieving measureable results. That is why the largest and most ambitious organizations find their way to InContext. 

INFORM is specialized in intelligent planning and logistics decision-making software, based on mathematical optimization algorithms. These are best-of-breed solutions that add on to your existing IT systems. INFORM’s solutions allow you to make the best possible use of resources such as people, machines and inventory, and to monitor projects effectively. And they can be tailored to a wide variety of turnkey applications, usually achieving a return on your investment within months. Founded in 1969, since 1985 INFORM in Aachen, Germany has grown ca. 20% per year. Today, more than 500 employees from over 30 nationalities provide support to well over 1,000 customers worldwide.

Sourcing Partners

For large assignments, Flostock has arranged that additional project resources will be hired from EyeOn and/or Involvation. This can be in the field of project management, data analysis, model building, testing or market research.