Step 4: Embedding Demand Forecasting in your systems

The demand curves that come out of the Forecasting phase can be used in your sales forecasting, capacity planning, investment decisions, resource planning, merger & acquisitions, reporting and/or target setting. Depending on your wishes we will support in embedding the documented results into your systems. This can include training, reporting, presenting, workshops and other activities needed for change management.




This picture shows that the Model will provide a fourth, objective source of information for determining the sales forecast. The sales forecast in many companies is an essential input element for decisions around investments and acquisitions, for production scheduling, capacity planning, budgeting, strategy creation and target setting.

Supply Chain Networking & Supply Chain Integration

Embedding can also include support for setting up Supply Chain Networking. The Model will show what the critical elements are in the volatility or uncertainties that you are facing. By approaching those parties and starting a diaologue, it may be possible to influence the efficiency of the supply chain for all parties involved. 

One step further than Supply Chain Networking is Supply Chain Integration. Also here Flostock can facilitate.  A model that is shared with several steps in the chain improves further and becomes more reliable.