Quantified Marketing


Well organized companies study their business environment, debate their options and write their conclusions down in sales, business-, marketing- or strategy plans. These plans are the basis for all kind of decisions, including acquisitions & divestments, major expansions, recruitment, inventory policies, market entry, product introductions etc etc.  When done well, such plans also include profit calculations based on expectations for turnover developments and market share. Companies go to great lengths to identify the different drivers that might impact their business. Many marketing guru's have written books about this and worked out nice scheme's and two-by-two's including (but not limited to) the 5 Forces Model, the 4 P's (McCarthy) and 5 C's, Blue Oceans, Competitive Advantage, Core Competences, the BCG matrix etc etc.   


What all companies lack is a quantification of the impact of all these drivers. None of the marketing guru's and giant international consultancies have provided an approach in which the impact of these forces, these drivers, can be calculated in a quantitative way. 

Financial Times and MIT

Flostock is the first company that offers such approach. This is probably the reason the Financial Times and ICIS have written about us, why Wharton and MIT have included our insights in their teaching and why the European Central Bank and Cambridge quote our articles. For a full list, of which we are very proud, click here.

Systems Thinking

In the Flostock approach, we investigate the cause of your demand. Together we look for the root cause of the volatility that you see. Flostock has meanwhile identified, with Eindhoven Universtiy of Technology, a whole range of "Laws of Demand", which together form a coherent system in which a company operates. These route causes are included in the computer models that we build, so the effect of each driver on the next is included in a quantified way, including delays and feedback loops. We truly offer our clients a System View.  


Recommended partners for connecting the Flostock results in Quantified Marketing with your business and strategy plans are Involvation, EyeOn and INFORM. Click here for a short overview.