Forecasting Construction Markets in the Netherlands

Report: Forecasting the Construction markets in the Netherlands
Report on modeling the Dutch Construction Markets in system dynamics

We are proud to present our breakthrough forecasting model for the Dutch housing market. For the first time, the 11-year cycle that has plagued the construction industry for more than a hundred years can be explained and forecasted. The model not only predicts the number of houses that will be built, but also the average house price. This prediction does not look good. We foresee a new decline in the near future, both in price and volume and can explain why.

The intended audience includes, besides the construction industry itself, governments, industrial producers of construction raw materials, retailers, mortgage banks, home owners, schools with a construction related curriculum, media and real estate investors.

Flostock has created this model in cooperation with Buildsight, a renowned market research agency specialized in the construction industries, using techniques developed with TU/e. Interested? You can order our comprehensive report in Dutch at a price of 695€ at the Buildsight website or by sending a mail to Or give us a call at above telephone number.