Jan Hein Sträter

Jan-Hein Sträter

Business consultant with 20 years of experience in analysis and project management. Broad experience in communication and mediation. Experienced in site assessment and compliancy. Jan-Hein is specialized in complex analyses with regard to supply management, infrastructure and spatial issues. 

Gary Lawrence

Gary Lawrence

Commercial consultant with 30 years of experience in sales & marketing, M&A, pricing, project management, ICT and product development, most of it in the construction industry in the Netherlands, Germany and the UK. Gary focuses on the analysis of prices and price distortions. 

Charles Verheije

Financial and business consultant. 23 years of experience, mainly in technology and IT driven businesses. Involved in control, (re)structuring, venture capital, M&A. Charles specialty is building companies, analysis and modelling businesses and processes. He has a MSc in Econometrics. Charles is a passionate sporter. 

Luc Peulen

Independent consultant involved in several entrepreneurial activities, including Lucatu BV and Railpromo BV. Luc has worked 2 years as business developer for Flostock in the recent past, in his first job after graduating from Eindhoven University of Technology in Innovation Management. He is a specialist in product development and model building in system dynamics. Luc is available for special assignments.  

Robert Peels

Robert Peels

Business consultant. Founder of Flostock after 23 years in the chemical industry, with jobs in fields as varied as business, strategy, acquisitions, communication, sales, logistics, patents and IT, starting with a MSc in biochemistry. Robert’s main pleasure is building simple models for complex business situations. His motto is penta re.